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A Natural Way to Heal

cupuncture is an incredibly safe and generally painless way to effectively improve your health.  As well as using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods, modern acupuncture utilizes western medicine for diagnosis and understanding disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has its own diagnostic and treatment systems.  Oriental Medicine is based on the idea that Qi “energy” and blood flow, smoothly and freely flow through the channels and collaterals of a healthy human being.  When we get sick, either the Qi and blood have become stagnant and do not flow as well, or they have become deficient and weak, or both.  Oriental Medical therapies seek to harmonize the flow of the Qi and the blood, as well as strengthen and tonify the Qi and blood.  In other words, Oriental Medicine seeks to aid the body in healing itself.  We guide the body back to health.

An acupuncture diagnosis incorporates techniques that may be unfamiliar.  Careful visual inspection of the tongue and detailed
reading of the wrist pulses are just two examples of highly developed, diagnostic arts used in traditional Oriental Medicine.  Please be assured each question asked and each diagnostic step is performed to help determine the best therapeutic approach for you.  Depending upon your diagnosis and treatment,  acupuncture instruments may be utilized for
a few seconds or up to 40 minutes but you will remain comfortable. 

Acupuncture enhances recuperative power and immunity to promote natural healing. It also improves physical and emotional health and overall wellbeing.  Christina LaCroix can help relieve a wide variety of ailments.  She enjoys helping people get their lives back. 

Also, for your comfort and safety Christina remains in the treatment room 100% of the time you're being treated so you may ask her questions as your treatment is progressing.

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