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Christina LaCroix; MAcOM, LAc.

“I have spent over 7 years battling a persistent cough that I believed was a result of allergies.  This cough had gotten so bad I would cough until I threw up.  I tried everything I could think of  including 7 years of allergy shots, reconstruction of my sinus passages, every over the counter and prescription drug they could throw at me!   A veterinary acupuncture friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture and referred me to Christina LaCroix.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  After the very first treatment, my cough subsided substantially!  By the second treatment, I barely had any cough at all.  Now, not even 3 months later – I rarely find myself coughing!  The relief I find by not continually coughing has been life-changing!  I no longer worry whether I can make it through a lunch or meeting with a client, no longer eat cough drops by the bag full, no longer feel the pain from continual coughing.  Acupuncture has done more for me than just fix my coughing.  I have found a better balance as well as an inner peace that I was lacking, all surprising results I had not expected.  I highly recommend acupuncture and most importantly Christina LaCroix.  She has changed my life.”


When Christina approached me with the idea to do acupuncture at a salon I was at I was a sceptic.

Christina assured me that you don’t have to believe in it for it to work, so I tried a few sessions.   Right away  I was sleeping through the night, which was something I hadn’t done in years, and my anxiety level had decreased.  Facial acupuncture was new to her at the time and believing that this was something I needed, I gave it a try.  I was beginning to see subtle signs of roscacia and fine lines around my eyes and mouth.  I could also tell that Jowels were going to be a problem in some years down the road so anything that I could do to minimize that problem was a big plus to me.  After several sessions I could tell a difference in the tone and tightness of my skin and the redness in my cheeks was gone.  I hadn’t mention to anyone that I was concerned about my jowels and a friend commented on how firm skin looked from chin to cheek.  The benefits from facial acupuncture are not only physical but I have continued to sleep throught the night and my anxiety level is at an all time low.  Christina has made me a believer!! TA


When I got the Facial Acupuncture done there was a noticeable difference after the 1st session, and now after the series my fine lines are diminished, and my deeper lines are much improved.  My skin tone is more even, and it seems to absorb moisturizers better.  I look forward to continuing treatments on a maintenance schedule.  Thanks Christina!   EO


Dear Christina LaCroix,

Just a note to say thank you for your help in getting me and my body back together!  The acupuncture treatments I have received from you combined with your insightfulness into treating the whole me have given me back my spirit.  I look back on the level of pain I felt three short weeks ago to the way I feel now and the improvement is remarkable.  My energy level is up, my joy is up and I am able to move so much easier with life.  I am so blessed to have found you.  I will be letting my friends, co-workers, and family know about you, should they need and alternative or compliment to western medicine.



"My shoulder began hurting each time I tried to raise my arm.   It seemed to come overnight.  As I do physical work and am a large man, I had to get some help, quickly. I was diagnosed with bursitis by my family physician and eventually given a suggestion of cortisone injections. However I was not comfortable with the idea and expense of this treatment.

On a friend's recommendation I traveled to the Spring Creek Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clinic in Fort Collins.   After evaluation, Ms LaCroix did acupuncture and, while I don't understand what the process was,  it worked.   I actually could raise my arm without pain while she had a needle in my ankle.    Several treatments later  the pain was gone and has not returned.    I don't know if every patient has such success, but it worked for me."



Thanks so much, Christina, for the wonderful acupuncture care you give. Whether it be for pain treatment, stress reduction, or fertility assistance, I always get outstanding results. Your gentle technique is so relaxing and rejuvenating. I wish I could come three times a week!



I can only be thankful to Ms. LaCroix for her acupuncture treatments and her quality care.  She has helped me with my back pain, treated me when I had the flu, and helped me overcome some problems with my digestion.  Her care was superior and her skill level was exemplary.  I can highly recommend her.


"My wife has had chronic back and shoulder pain. Prior to our wedding in December, Christina worked on her to alleviate the pain and muscle tension. Thanks to Christina's thorough knowledge and effective gentle techniques, we had a wonderful and pain-free wedding. Thank you so much for making our special day even more special Christina!!!"



For decades I have tried every skin regiment out there, but have continued to struggle with acne. It wasn't until I started doing facial acupuncture with Christina that it actually started to clear up! Within one session, my skin tone evened out and my red spots/ scars began to diminish significantly. Before going to sessions with Christina, I was considering taking prescriptions to help my skin, which would have entailed numerous side effects and thousands of dollars. But now that I have found a natural way to take care of my skin, I will never consider anything else! 



After a week of inexplicable but excruciating pain on the left side of my jaw that made eating and even soft foods painful, and being pregnant, I was motivated for the first time in my life to seek acupuncture as a remedy (like most people, I'm needle averse).  Thankfully, I knew of Christina LaCroix but had no idea as to the extent of her talents and compassion.  First of all, she immediately offered me an appointment the same day I contacted her and, when I couldn't make that, she made arrangements to see me Christmas-Eve morning for TWO hours (and still gave me a holiday discount!).  During this time, I felt like the most pampered person in the world!  She asked not only about my jaw, but also everything else she wanted to help me feel better in every way possible, and I was just amazed by the thoroughness, confidence and warmth with which she proceeded to treat me.  In fact, I felt so comfortable, safe and downright cozy that I couldn't wait for the needles :)!  Christina was sure I was experiencing TMJ (my chiropractor confirmed it afterward, too), and I felt immediate, drastic relief after the "jaw protocol."  She also treated me for sleeplessness, anxiety, back and shoulder pain, nausea (never got any!) and I-don't-remember-what all.  What I do know is that my jaw felt instantly and dramatically better.  Also since my first visit, I've never been sick I felt a cold coming on, had one day of initial symptoms, and then it was gone!  That has never happened before, my colds typically last 2-3 weeks.  Also, I've slept so deeply since my first visit, and despite life's stresses, have felt less anxiety in general.  As if this weren't enough, soon after my first visit, I received a coupon in the mail for referring a friend giving me, yep! Another discount.  Considering all the time and attention she gives a client, it's super cheap.  After my first 2-hour session, I thought, "She has got to charge at least $300 for all of this!" Nope!  Super affordable! 

Christina is magical in my opinion: not only have I experienced a myriad of benefits after only two sessions, but seeing her is also like going to a spa where your whole self is lavished with care.  I wish everyone could go see Christina, because we all have something that needs healing and Christina truly brings that.   


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