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Christina LaCroix; MAcOM, LAc


Spring Creek Acupuncture, LLC is located just south of campus along Spring Creek Trail in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

 Christina specializes in acupuncture techniques which gently guide your body and mind back to a healthy state of being.  What makes Christina different from other Acupuncturists is she only focuses on one patient at a time.  So what that means for you is she won't leave you in the room alone to sit with your needles while she focuses her time on other patients. 

Christina treats a variety of aliments including but not limited to Sports Injuries, Body Pains, Lyme Disease, Digestive Disorders, Headaches including Migraines, Anxiety/Depression/PTSD... and many others.  Please call and ask if you have questions.


Acupuncture is an incredibly safe and generally painless way to effectively improve your health.  The holistic treatment originated more than 2000 years ago, it has proven effective in clinical trials to treat and prevent numerous medical conditions. 

The benefits of acupuncture are widespread.  Many patients report feelings of relaxation, decrease in pain, and improved energy.  Acupuncture can also help you look and feel younger, decrease wrinkles, improve circulation and boost your immune system to name a just a few benefits.   Please call or write to see if Acupuncture is right for you.

  We show support for soldiers by providing a discount for active and honorably discharged military persons. 

Call for an appointment
(303) 585-0019
email for more information

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